National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS- sc)

Since 2006 Skills for Care have been gathering information about the social care workforce and the services that are provided. This type of data collection is unique, never before has there been a clearer picture of the shape and skills of the social care sector which will inform Government policy and funding. This unique project is the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care. (NMDS).

Is the NMDS useful?

For Employers - The NMDS-SC provides a single source of basic information about services and workers that will enable employers to plan their business activity and determine the skills base needed by the workforce now and into the future.

  • The NMDS-SC will provide reports to employers that will enable informed business decisions and enable employers to access different staff development or business development funding.
  • The NMDS-SC Online enables employers to keep their workforce information in the workplace, it's easy to use and to update records and for those organisations who do not have an electronic staff record system the NMDS-SC provides one!

For Strategic PlanningThe NMDS-SC will enable planning at a local, regional and national level.

This is critical in providing stability and growth in the social care industry.

For Commissioners -The NMDS-SC, at a local or regional level, will provide the information about services, capacity and workforce skills, to take the guesswork out of resource allocation and meeting the social care challenge.

For Funding Agencies - The workforce information will enable funding agencies to support employers and business development in the sector by targeting resources where they are needed.

For Inspectors - The NMDS-SC provides up to date workforce information that will meet the inspection requirements of the National Minimum Standards.

For Policy Makers - The NMDS-SC will enable Stakeholders to reflect the real cost of social care and the services required to meet the needs of an ageing population now and into the future.

If we are serious about adequate resources, support for business development and improving the education and skills base in the sector then we need to know more about the social care sector, so welcome to the National Minimum Data set for Social Care.

The success of the National Minimum Data set for Social Care will depend on employers seeing the benefits of workforce information and being excited about engaging with the NMDS-SC Online.

ACT Can Help

National Minimum Data set for Social Care is also the key to the sector attracting funding for training and needs to be completed in order to access  Workforce Development Funding (WDF)

ACT can offer support by visiting your place of work.  During our visit we will check your compliance and ensure that you become eligible for funding.  We will also help with the process of any funding claims that you may have and advise on other sources of funding where appropriate.

For more information on how ACT can support you with your National Minimum Dataset, please contact us on 01905 420 715 or email helen@actforfunding,org or click on the link, NMDS -SC Support visit