Recruitment Support

We recognise that there are significant challenges with retention and recruitment of staff. ACT has been supporting providers and job seekers for a number of years and has delivered many projects relating to this agenda. In adult social care we need to recruit one person every two minutes and we need over one million new workers over the next 10 years to join the workforce and be retained. 

ACT coordinates a vibrant I Care...Ambassador Service on behalf of employers which seeks to raise the image, status and profile of the sector. Take a look at our projects page for past and current work which supports recruitment into the sector.

We work in partnership with employment support organisations and training providers to ensure people entering the sector have access to information and training which ensures they are committed to becoming part of the workforce and reduce recruitment costs for employers.

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Recruitment Fairs                            

ACT attend many recruitment fairs around the West Midlands on behalf of employers and also organise recruitment events for employers.  For more information on dates and times, please go to and click on Events.