Hot Topic Workshops

What workshops / events would benefit you? ACT have run a number of workshops and events for the health & social care sector. Here are just a few........

GDPR workshop - scheduled 15th February 2018 at Worcester Woods County Park

May 2018 - UK Data Protection Bil

The UK government's new data protection legislation, which will implement the vast majority of GDPR was published on September 14, 2017.

The bill must pass through the House of Commons and the House of Lords before it becomes law.

Matt Hancock, Minister of State for Digital, said the measures are designed to "give consumers the confidence that their data is protected and those who misuse it will be held to account".

If passed, the Data Protection Bill will bring British law into line with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will become enforceable from May 2018.

  • It will be easier to withdraw your consent for the use of your personal data
  • You will be able to ask for your personal data held by companies to be erased
  • Parents and guardians will be able to give consent for their child's data to be used
  • Companies will have to gain your 'explicit' consent before processing your sensitive personal data
  • Your IP address, internet cookies and DNA will also be classified as 'personal data'
  • It will be easier and free to see what personal data an organisation holds on you
  • It will be easier to move data between service providers
  • Companies will face increased penalties for breaking the rules

The workshop has been commissioned by ACT to support our employer networks with knowledge and understanding, please contact

Care ACT & Care Certifcate Workshop - Young Farmers Centre, Hereford

On the 15th April in Hereford ACT was working in partnership with Skills for Care to deliver two workshops. During the morning we delivered a workshop which provided information about the Care ACT where Alison Hotchen Care ACT lead for Herefordshire Council gave an overview of the Herefordshire's implementation plan. Olivia Redgrave from Skills for Care gave an overview of the Care ACT and how Skills for Care can support social care organisations with a range of learning materials.

During the afternoon, ACT held a workshop on the new Care Certifcate, Olivia Redgrave provided an overview of the new Care Certificate, its implications for regulated services and answered any questions that providers had. For more information on Care Certificate  contact ACT to discuss what we are doing to support local providers.

Care Certifcate Event - Worcestershire Cricket Club

On the 26th March ACT ran a workshop for Proprietors, Registered Managers and those responsible for the implementation of the new Care Certifcate.  At the event ACT went through the principles, supervision, assessment and quality assurance of the new Care Certifcate. Skills for Care attended and together we answered questions on all your concerns about the new Care Certifcate.

Employment Law Seminar - Worcester Rugby Club

On the 4th June ACT ran an Employment Law Seminar for providers at Sixways Stadium in partnership with Avensure HR & Employment Law specialists. If you need advice about HR & Employment Law please contact a member of the ACT team.

Please contact us, if you have a workshop or event you would like ACT to facilitate.